Below, you will find a list of the services which we offer to our clients. Here, you will begin to get a sense of what we do. If you have any further questions, you can see if they are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions list. If you have any other questions, direct them to Herman Fernando.

Consulting Services:

      Internet services consulting

      Business internet connectivity

      Networking consultation

      Access provider technical support


Training and Education:

Basic, Novice and Advanced Internet
Web Design & Graphics
Search and Research Techniques

      Group & Individual Presentations


Home Page Authoring:

      HTML document generation, both Business & Personal

      Graphics file format conversion

      Page layout

      Custom graphic arts design

      Photographic scanning

      Audio &/or Video Incorporation


Server Set-Up and Administration:

      Equipment Leasing

      Web Server Set-Up and Configuration

      Maintenance and Administration

      Custom Programming


        Integrated and Relational Databases


On-Site Technical Support and Service
Registration and Advertising

Interactive Services:

      Custom applications programming


      Fax forwarding

      Virtual mall storefronts (On-line computer shopping)

      Interactive forms

    Credit card verification


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